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Nina started her immersion in practice at the age of 18 while studying performing arts in Brazil. The practice that was initially challenging and tiring gradually became a part of her life. Alternating between moments of constant practice and moments of less dedication, in 2016, after a period of onset of depression, Nina decides to delve deeply into herself and goes to a Buddhist temple in Portugal to practice meditation and karma yoga.


After this moment that revolutionized her internally, she returned to Brazil to do her first training in Hatha Yoga with Rô Pacheco, in which she learned about the physical aspects, but mainly about the subtle aspects of yoga practice such as pranayama, mudras, yoga nidra and meditation, as well as the philosophical pillars that support yoga. At the end of his training, she started to teach in some studios in his city.


Shortly after that she went to China where she did her second training, in Alignment Vinyasa with Raphael Melo and Richard Baimbridge where she learned precise alignments for asana practice, integrating the anatomical and the subtle elements of practice with the fluidity of vinyasa but with the alignment principles of Iyengar and Anusara. 

In addition to the two trainings, Nina also went deeper into Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with Márcio Abatipietro in 2017; made a trip to India in 2018 visiting sacred sites and also studying Vedanta in Rishikesh; did a workshop with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor; and he took another trip to India in 2019 where she met her Shakti Bija Mantras teacher Dr. Shruti Nada Poddar, with whom she learned to use the sacred sounds of mantras to refine her vibration and expand her ability to connect with the subtle body. In addition to that, Nina utilizes sacred sounds of Crystal singing bowls and Koshi chimes in specific Sound Healing classes. She is a level 3 Reiki practitioner and also works with one on one sessions in person in Hong Kong, where she currently lives at the moment. 

In her classes, Nina blends the traditional aspects of Hatha Yoga with alignment cues and the fluidity of Vinyasa, integrating meditations, mantras, deep relaxation and, of course, lots of love so that students feel empowered and energized from the inside out.

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